Le Mariage

“LE MARIAGE” – 36” X 30” – Acrylic and mixed media on wood.
This personalized commission was offered for dear friends as their wedding gift. It was for me a great honour to paint this piece to commemorate this meaningful event.
The bride wears a red dress that matches her hair and also reminds us of the cherry colour (her favourite fruit). On her heart side, we notice the IMAGE DE MARK’s logo, workplace where our lovebirds met. Two maple leaves illustrate the family “sugar shack” and also the life continuation of her mother and brother. The piece of fabric with musical partition indicates the love of music for the whole family. The map of Paris suggests the passion of Europe and travelling for our couple. The bee on the groom’s shoulder personifies his beloved son. The clock on his coat symbolizes the importance of savouring each and every moment in time. On his shirt, Esther Granek’s poem: “Saisir Le Temps” (carpe diem). The emblem of Séminaire St-George confirms the school where he shared a great part of his life with his long time friend. Knowing that our lovers appreciate the wine industry, we can locate the history of the region of Burgundy, France. Lastly, the dove represents his sister (organ donor).
Notes: Map of Paris, burlap sack, chosen articles, recipe and poem, fabric of Country Crafts & Curtains, Fredericton, N.B.

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