Discover ‘Jerome’ – A Vibrant Rabbit Painting

Rabbit Art by Marc Samson

Step into the world of ‘Jerome,’ one of three remarkable rabbit art pieces by renowned artist Marc Samson. Against a radiant yellow canvas, Jerome expresses himself with playful sophistication. His shirt adorned with multicoloured horizontal stripes and black and white circles on his collar reflects his vibrant personality. A star on his right ear symbolizes his success, making him shine intensely in his path.

Jerome, the middle brother, stands out in his own right, yet he’s part of a trio that includes his older brother, ‘Jack‘, and his younger brother, ‘Julien‘. Together, they weave a narrative of shared experiences while embracing their individuality. These captivating paintings, each measuring 16″ x 20″, are framed in charcoal-coloured wood and offer not just visual delight but stories waiting to be embraced by art enthusiasts.

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire ‘Jerome’ and become a part of the story. Integrate this masterpiece into your space and savor how Marc Samson’s creation brings sophistication and playfulness into your collection.”

The Three Brothers: Jerome, Jack, and Julien – A Captivating Rabbit Art Trio