ENSIEME – 20” x 12” – Acrylic and mixed media on wood.

This customized canvas celebrates a small family from North Hatley (see reference) who lives just a short walk from our place.

Embedded within the layers of paint, you will discern several items that are unique to them.

At first glance, you’ll find numerous references to cycling and wine. Notice an article from the Vélo-Québec magazine telling the history of cycling in la belle province. Also, uncover the labels of the renowned wines Barolo and Villa Antinori, which are among their favorites.

The word BEST represents not only the lady’s name: “Meilleur” (in English) but also that the couple chooses to celebrate each day to the fullest, to make the most of every precious moment.

I now challenge you to find the Roman numerals XV and MMVIII (15 and 2008), marking their 15th wedding anniversary and the year of the event. To commemorate this love story, our jubilants will soon be flying to Italy, a long-awaited dream trip for the couple. Locate the country’s flag in the middle of the character and a map of Tuscany on its head.

The blue star has always been an important symbol for the little family. Besides being the mother’s favorite colour, stars in general represent their loved ones who are no longer with them on Earth. These souls now have their own place in the sky, shining light on every family member.

I have entitled this creation ENSIEME, meaning “together” in Italian.

• Together, they have already journeyed for over fifteen years.

• Together, they have built a small family.

• Together, they have experienced wonderful moments and some more challenging.

• Together, they will travel to Italy for a romantic and memorable trip.

• Together, they will continue living to the fullest, sharing unforgettable moments for decades to come.

I would like to thank Julie and Ian for trusting me with the creation of this piece. May this painting make you smile at every glance and remind you of the importance of cherishing every moment with those you love.

Yours in colours,