CAUFIELD – 30” X 40”

This painting was created in honour of this young rookie Cole Caufield born only 20 years ago in Wisconsin, USA, This right winger made his debut with the Montreal Canadiens school club in 2019. He was nicknamed “Goal Caufield” because of his talent for scoring goals.

One of the Canadians’ greatest performers for the 2021 Stanley Cup season, he quickly became the idole of all Quebecers.

Within the layers of paint you will find newspaper articles about the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs, superhero logos, trademarks that remind me of my childhood, sketches by our favorite cartoonist Michel Rebagliatti, and labels from some of the best Quebec gins.

May this painting make you smile every time you look at it and reminds you of the great moments that this young man will have given you during the 2021 Stanley Cup season. Good continuity with the Montreal Canadiens, dear COLE CAUFIELD. We surely need you.

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