BRAVE – 26” X 36” – Acrylic and mixed media on wood.

This unique artwork was created for the luxurious Hovey Manor, located on the shores of Lake Massawippi in North Hatley. Drawing inspiration from my previous work, “BIG GIRLS NEED BIG DIAMONDS,” this piece echoes the legendary Elizabeth Taylor.

Peek through the layers of paint and you’ll uncover elements uniquely tied to Hovey Manor’s history. Embark on a quest to find traces of the manor’s past within the painting. The year 1792, for instance, marks Captain Ebenezer Hovey’s discovery of Lake Massawippi.

Look closely at Elisabeth’s neck, and you’ll spot an old fishing map of the lake, surrounded by 1940s Montreal newspaper ads.

I invite you to seek out the signatures of Hilary Webster and Melissa Provencher, integral collaborators in this project. Also hidden are their preferred champagne labels: Duval-Leroy, FEMME, vintage 2000, and TAITTINGER.

Hovey Manor, a proud member of the Relais & Chateaux since 1954, is represented by its crest in the painting. This association signifies a commitment to world-class hospitality and gourmet excellence.

An indication to Elizabeth Taylor’s vibrant life, the painting discreetly mentions her seven husbands. The “ 8 X ” signifies that she was married 8 times, although twice to Richard Burton.

The artwork is also infused with empowering words like INDULGE, DREAM, DARE, LET GO, and BRAVE – the latter being the title of this creation. Echoing Taylor’s own words, “FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS, FOLLOW YOUR HEART,” is prominently featured.

I would like to thank Hilary, Melissa and the Stafford family for entrusting me with this creation. May this painting make your smile at every glance and serve as a reminder to always listen to your inner voice, guiding you towards a better self.

Yours in colours,