BELIEVE – 28” x 38” – Acrylic and mixed media on wood.

Today, I am excited to present a groundbreaking piece. Before creating this personalized piece, I had never painted so many characters on a single canvas. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and, in doing so, pushed my artistic boundaries.

This scene depicts the epic victory of Tiger Woods at the 2019 Masters Tournament. On that day, he donned his fifth green jacket of his career. It marked his first triumph at a major tournament in 11 years. Embedded within the layers of paint, you’ll find on his pants the actual leaderboard card of the tournament and a newspaper article on the “greatest comeback.”

On his shirt, you can also uncover the lyrics of the song “We Are The Champions” by the talented band Queen.

As I commissioned this piece at François’ request, himself an established golfer, I decided to choose my own witnesses to this great event. You’ll surely guess that the crowd consists of his most precious people in the world. Without even seeing the faces of the characters, I challenge you to find his charming wife Marylène, his daughter Mélina, his son Louis-Philippe, his mother Louise, his sister Lucie, his in-laws Rock and Denyse, François himself, and me… You’ll notice that some of us are wearing a letter; the letters A, G, T, and O composing the word “G.O.A.T.”, the acronym for The Greatest Of All Time. Note that one of us is wearing the Masters logo.

I entitled this creation “BELIEVE” as we must always believe in our abilities, our potential to achieve our dearest dreams. Even if the whole world has stopped believing in us, despite all the difficulties endured over the years, there is always a glimmer of hope that only ourselves can keep alive.

I would like to thank François and Marylène for trusting in me in the creation of this masterpiece. May its presence evoke a smile each time it catches your gaze, serving as a gentle reminder of the vital role self-confidence plays in nurturing well-being, driving motivation, and attaining every milestone along life’s journey.

Yours in colours,