Lost Together

“LOST TOGETHER” – 36” X 48” – Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

This piece was commissioned to celebrate “Yélène”s birthday and to emphasize many unique moments of a Montreal family.  Besides their dwelling in the big city, they also have a “pied à terre” in the Owl’s Head area of the Eastern Townships.  So it goes without saying that this new character has found its perfect home.

Embedded between the layers of paint, you will find items that have been precious to Mathieu, Marie-Hélène and their kids throughout the years.  You will locate their first car (Volkswagen Beetle), Bailey (Golden Retriever), a map of the ski slopes as well as the logos of Owl’s Head Mountain.

On the owl’s chest, you find the crest of Brébeuf College, where papa and son Nicolas studied.

I have entitled this creation “LOST TOGETHER” after Blue Rodeo song as it brings back many memories of when the couple first met in 1992.  Moreover, you can recognize between the feathers, the lyrics and musical scores of this cherished song.

Their kids, Nicolas, Felix and Cloe are represented by their birth years in roman numbers.  I challenge you to find them.

I would like to thank, with all my heart, Mathieu for entrusting me with this creation.

Yours in colours,

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