GEMMA: 40” x 30” – Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.
I am unveiling this commissioned piece that highlights the life of this beloved boxer dog named GEMMA. This creation was also painted in honour of two cherished characters in the life of this lady from Vancouver, British Columbia. The hummingbird and palm trees represents the family’s appreciation of the City of Palm Springs. We also find the thistle pattern, two family tartans, the scottish flag and prefered scotch distillery to indicate the scottish roots of the Mitchell-Taylor family. Many other items are embedded within the multiple layers of paint. I challenge you to find them.

It was a great honour for me to paint this unique piece. I hope that its affective message will be shared from generation to generation for decades to come. I want to thank Deborah Mitchell and her father Ed for trusting me in this project of substantial emotional meaning. Yours in colours, SAMSON.

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