Dans Ma Roue

DANS MA ROUE – 30″ X 30″
This piece, entitled « DANS MA ROUE » (in my wheel), was offered as a wedding gift to a couple who is very fond of cycling. The expression “DANS MA ROUE” in French, means a cyclist following very closely another cyclist to enjoy a “drafting effect”. This maneuver requires full confidence between all people involved; a meaningful metaphor of a healthy relationship.

Embedded within the layers of paint, you will find many items representing both personal and the couple relationship. Here they are:

– Location where the couple met: Cycling tour in Majorca (Spain) in 2009. Please find the colours of Spain as well as the roman numbers IX (9).

– Emblem of the medical profession which is the bride’s profession.

– Chocolate cake recipe: The groom’s specialty, well-known within the family.

– LA84: Symbolizing the bride’s participation in 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

– Codes “zero and one” recalling the groom’s profession: Computer Science.

– The Five Stars indicate the five children who originated from previous relationships.

– The Italian Flag painted on a page of the Michelin Guide (Verona region), where the play Romeo & Juliette was written. Furthermore, it is at this very place that the gentleman proposed to his lady. How romantic eh?

– The “W” represents the hometown of the groom: Warwick, QC.

– In background, a map of the Eastern Townships, that signifies a big playground for our lovebirds.

– Textures: plaster, fabrics and articles.

Dear newlyweds, it was a great honour for me to mark such an event with this creation. You can be sure that I have put all my heart and soul in this piece. Wishing you tons of joy and may your honeymoon last forever. Cheers to you both, SAMSON.

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