“BUTCH” – 36” X 30” – Acrylic and mixed media on Canvas.

This piece was created in honour of a great man who passed away a few months ago.  His close peers nicknamed him “BUTCH”. After many discussions, we decided that the bull was the best representation of this gentleman’s perseverance.  The white rose characterizes honesty, sincerity, loyalty and pure love; qualities treasured by Mr. Bouchard. Moreover, a white rose was part of his daughter Sophie’s corsage at her wedding.   Now, up to you to discover a few references of his passage amongst us.

  • Beer cap of Labatt 50
  • Number 99
  • Part of his golf t-shirt and glove
  • Newspaper article (featuring Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson)
  • Background texture is an organic part of himself, his ashes

I want to take this opportunity to thank his son-in-law Claude for entrusting me with the creation of  this piece. I hope that the presence of “BUTCH” will be felt each time you glance at this painting and and bring back memories of  great times spent together.

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